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From Düsseldorf to Birmingham: Chris Anslow’s indoor rowing journey

Chris Anslow discovered indoor rowing in 2019 after serving in the Royal Engineers for 21 years and being medically discharged following an injury on duty. He is a proud member of We Are Invictus since applying for the 2019 Invictus Games. Alongside wins at the British Rowing Indoor Championships, Anslow recently won a silver medal at the Düsseldorf Invictus Games in the Four minute race. 

How did you prepare for BRIC?

"I prepared for BRIC by being part of the Team UK Invictus rowing squad so I was lucky enough to have a good coach and also have my own erg at home. I also made full use of the British Rowing pre BRIC training program. "

What did it mean to win the British Championships?

"This was something I hadn’t even considered as I hadn’t been rowing for that long. So to win was unexpected and something I am very proud of achieving."

Do you have a favourite memory from previous events? 

"My favourite memory has to be winning Silver in the 4 minute race at the 2023 Dusseldorf Invictus Games."

What was your pre-race routine?

"My pre race routine always depends on the time of my first race. I like to eat early enough to allow my body to make full use of the fuel by the time of the race. Closer to the race I will have some form of sugary snack and start my warm up process. This usually consists of a front to back rowing warm up and a steady rate 5 min row, around 20-22 strokes per minute. I also like to do a few race starts to get my body ready."

Are you heading to Birmingham? If so, what are you most looking forward to about this year's event?

"I am heading to Birmingham and I am really looking forward to catching up with a few of the team from this years Invictus games also seeing the coaches that have helped with my training and some familiar faces that I know will be there. 

"Oh yeh, and competing again haha."

What's your favourite part of indoor rowing?

"When I get off the machine, mainly as it means I can stop rowing, but also the post exercise buzz I get. As an adaptive athlete, indoor rowing is a great form of cardio, I’m a fixed seat competitor, and it’s so easily adaptable for all abilities."

What three songs are straight on your playlist?

  • Jimmy Recard by Drapht. 
  • Master Mc by Downsyde 
  • Natural born grooves by Groovebird 
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