Fergus Mainland 

The latest updates from the EXR world

The April update on EXR is the biggest and most exciting one in 2024. 

 14 extra achievements have been added including the Easter Challenge — it’s limited time only! As a reward, the Easter badge and the fun Easter item set are waiting for you!

Renewed menus
To make EXR more intuitive, we renewed several menu screens. This upgrade includes a preview of your achievements and challenges in the home screen.

The following menus have been renewed:

The home screen
The follower screen
The past sessions screen
The event screen

British Rowing and RowAlong  gear
When completing events of our partners British Rowing and RowAlong, you now unlock merch for your avatar! The items listed below will be available to you instantly (no X-Coin or level requirement).

British Rowing Unisuit: Complete 2 British Rowing Events in EXR
RowAlong Oars: Complete 1 RowAlong Event in EXR
RowAlong Unisuit: Complete 3 RowAlong Events in EXR
Unlock British Rowing and RowAlong items by participating in online rowing events.

The gear unlocks retroactively, so if you've already met the requirements, the gear will unlock immediately.

Imperial measurements
You can now switch between metric and imperial units in the gameplay settings of the app. As a result, measurements such as lengths are now displayed in miles, for example. Rowing-specific measurements like split time will be kept in metric units even when imperial measurements are selected.

Import & export of custom EXR workouts
Create a workout in the Training Editor and download it using the custom workouts tab of your EXR web profile. You can then send the file to an EXR rower who would like to follow your custom workout.

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