Workout Videos

Whether you're after a quick 20-minute workout, a mobility session, a lung-burning interval session or some trunk work, we've got a video to suit you.

Join our instructors as they take you through some fun workouts both on and off the rowing machine.  

Workout Cards

If you prefer to follow written workout plans, check out our on and off-machine sessions designed by GB coaches and top indoor rowers that are suitable for all abilities. 

Going to the gym? Just save or screenshot the cards to take them with you.

Top tips for your workout

On these pages you will find a variety of workouts for when you are wanting to train but are lacking inspiration for what to do. Fronted by some fantastic instructors you can find on and off-machine workouts to suit any goal. For those who can't watch a video whilst working out, why not take on our workout cards instead for inspiration, or take a screenshot before you head to the gym?

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