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CJ White delivers exclusive indoor rowing masterclass ahead of BRIC 2023

ROWBOTS welcomed  CJ White to their London studio to deliver a workshop ahead of the British Rowing Indoor Championships 2023. 

White, a British Rowing Master trainer, was welcomed by ROWBOTS to help kickstart their BRIC training programme, designed to get competitors race ready, especially for the 4000m relay races.

With just over a month to go until BRIC, excitement is building for the event that is running in Birmingham for the first time. For the first time, BRIC will be a part of ‘FitFest 2023’, the UK’s one and only fitness festival for true fitness competitors and enthusiasts, which will take place at NEC on the 8-10 December 2023.

White has been working with ROWBOTS on their BRIC Training Series, ensuring the sessions are programmed to maximise your growth and rowing potential and there’s still time for you to join them.

Each Wednesday leading up to the championships, ROWBOTS are hosting sessions aimed to manage your pace, correct your form and develop your aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, ensuring you can attack BRIC head on.

After the ROWBOTS session, White said: "RowBots is an awesome company and they are working very hard to make rowing fun and engaging.

"They have a group of very professional, motivated and highly skilled coaches who are great to work with. I had the joy of spending the day with them and upskilling their trainers on the finer details of indoor rowing.

"We had an entire workshop focusing on how they can better engage their members and get the best out of every session. I developed an 8 week programme for them to deliver to their members to get them prepped and ready for the British Rowing Indoor Championships.

"Over the next few weeks their members will benefit from the programme and the high quality coaching they will receive. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole RowBots team in action."

Next week, their sessions will focus on endurances and rowers should expect a technical class that will help you build your aerobic capacity and teach you how to efficiency apply power at the start of the stroke.

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