Fergus Mainland 

British Rowing x EXR online indoor rowing event 10 December

Join British Rowing and its partner application EXR for a free online indoor rowing session in Henley! 

This event is held just one day after the British Rowing Indoor Championships in Birmingham and invites the global rowing community to train together on EXR’s virtual waters. During the 90-minute group indoor rowing session, you get to row at your own pace, and enjoy the company of rowers from all over the world.

All you need to do is download the EXR indoor rowing app to your smartphone, tablet or computer and connect your Bluetooth rowing machine. Sign up for the event to later join in just a click, enjoy the big start and unlock rewards!

Time: Sunday, 10 December, 12:00 GMT+1

Location: Henley — Cliff Course

Duration: 90 minutes

Reward: 100 X-Coins

New to EXR?  Here’s how you can participate in the app that makes indoor rowing fun:

  1. Create an EXR account for free and download the app.
  2. Sign up for the event in the app or here.
  3. On 10 December, a few minutes before the start time, open EXR and select “Just Row”. Choose the Henley map’s Cliff Course route. Wait together with all the other online rowers for the big start before enjoying the event!
  4. Curious to explore EXR some more? After your first EXR session, you enjoy a 14-day free trial period to discover everything EXR has in store: thrilling challenges, fitness-based training plans, custom goals and much more! 
  5. Continue to row with EXR by subscribing and save 10% by using the unique British Rowing discount code BR10 at the checkout!

If you are an Inside Indoor Subscriber, the benefits keep coming as you get an exclusive 20% discount off an annual EXR subscription which can be accessed in the subscriber login area here.

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