British Rowing 

Train with EXR for the British Rowing Indoor Championships 2023

Claim your exclusive EXR discount and be perfectly prepared for the BRIC.

The biggest indoor rowing event in Great Britain is back: it’s time to strap in and train for the British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC)! BRIC is happening in Birmingham on 9 December and is a great opportunity for you to meet fellow rowers and showcase your athletic prowess.

Signing up for the BRIC is the first step towards winning your races, what’s next is targeted training. To help you pursue your ambitions, we’ve partnered with EXR — the app that makes indoor rowing fun. Together, Inside Indoor and EXR are working to innovate the sport and empower the rowing community by offering a broad range of invaluable resources.

If you are an Inside Indoor Subscriber, the benefits keep coming as you get an exclusive 20% discount off an annual EXR subscription which can be accessed in the subscriber login area here.

To share the joy of the BRIC globally, British Rowing and EXR are hosting an online rowing event on 10 December. It is open to everyone and you don’t need to sign up for it! All you need to do is download the EXR app to your smartphone, tablet or computer and connect your Bluetooth rowing machine. More details about the 10 December will be made available soon.

Curious about how EXR can help you prepare for BRIC? With EXR, you can set your own goals, train with workouts that are tailored to your fitness level and track your performance with real-time feedback — all while sharing the virtual waters with rowers worldwide! Rowing with EXR is interactive and fun - you get to unlock achievements and beat challenges.

Start free of charge and don't miss out on this exclusive discount for your first annual EXR subscription. Use the code BR10 at checkout to save 10% and start your virtual indoor rowing workouts today!

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