British Rowing 

River Nile 600 Mile Rowing Challenge

Can you row 600 miles along our river Nile tracking map to earn Row The Distance's biggest and most beautiful medal to date?

The virtual map starts North of Cairo and follows the Nile down to the Aswan dam, and your journey is depicted on the rear of this stunning medal.

There is no time limit on this challenge, and medals will be sent as soon as you cross the finish line.

Submitting and Claiming your Medal

You will be emailed a separate link / web page when you sign up, to upload your progress as and when you want to. Your medal will be sent on purchase. For this challenge it's a one off submission, please complete the submission link after your activity.

Your submission link should arrive within a few minutes of purchase, please email if this doesn't arrive after a few hours.

Strava Connect

Uploading your progress could not be easier with these challenges allowing you to upload activities direct from Strava. Do not worry if you don't have Strava, as you can also add activities manually.

Checking Your Progress

Row The Distance have a real-time results system with instant tables, sort-able by age, gender and Country. They also have live tracking 'journeys' with fully interactive maps for their annual and seasonal long challenges!

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