Cam Buchan’s 2km Training Plan

2km Training Plan

Cam Buchan is an International rower, coach and YouTuber.

Cam was new to the GB Rowing Team senior squad for the Tokyo Olympiad having previously been selected to represent Great Britain in the men's eight for the opening World Cup of the 2018 season, winning his first senior silver medal.

Cam uses his channels and online presence to give an unprecedented insight into what performance rowing is all about, allowing him to encourage many aspiring rowers and foster a wider community.

This eight-week training plan has been designed for those looking to improve their 2km time.

This plan has 5 on-machine workouts per week. We understand that life can get busy, so Cam has highlighted 3 sessions as the minimum requirement. Even with these 3 key sessions, you'll be able to see a noticeable impact on your 2K.

When it comes to the final re-test, here are a few helpful tips from Cam as you face your very own 'Race day'.
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