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Take your indoor rowing to the next level with Rowbots!

Take your rowing to the next level with their FREE INTRO OFFER! 

With two London studios in Fitzrovia and the City, ROWBOTS offers 50 minutes of full-intensity interval training, engineered to break mental and physical barriers and awaken your inner strength and resilience. The classes combine powerful strength focused floor exercises with splits on the hardest but, by far, most effective machine in the gym; the rower.

ROWBOTS is the first gym to lead with mental conditioning. The workout is the first of its kind, primarily categorised by unique psychological themes. They scientifically integrate psychological, mental conditioning and mindfulness techniques into their classes to help you build and develop your #MachineMindset.

Use the code BRINTRO to redeem their 3 class intro offer for FREE (usually £30).

ROWBOTS City, Broadgate Quarter, Unit 3 Snowden St, London EC2A 2DQ.
ROWBOTS Fitzrovia, 6 Great Titchfield St., London W1W 8BB.

How to redeem: 

Purchase the Intro Offer HERE
Use discount code BRINTRO on checkout

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