Fergus Mainland 

ROW31 – Class of ’24 Medal

ROW31 is back for 2024 and Row The Distance are really excited to have the Class of 24 medal ready and waiting for you to order and then receive at the end of the January.

Developed back in 2020, ROW31 is a yearly January fitness campaign focusing on eliminating the barriers to training that so many face and helping give people free access to a range of workouts to kick start your new year fitness push through indoor rowing. All of this is delivered by Inside Indoor.

What does ROW31 offer?

The idea is simple… ROW31 sends you a daily email every morning in January containing a workout video that participants can follow along to in their own time. With rest days built into the programme and live workouts for those who want to row with others, there is little excuse for not being active throughout the month.

Row31 is delighted to announce two new instructors to headline the month-long workout series. CJ White and Cat Trentham are British Rowing Master Trainers and bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to Row31. CJ and Cat have helped to develop a fantastic combination of sessions including live classes and a mixture of on and off the rowing machine workouts.

Alongside the daily email there’s a Facebook community who share their daily workouts, chat about the sessions, and generally support and encourage each other throughout the month. If someone gets a bit behind or misses a workout, it’s no problem as the videos are accessible throughout the month for people to “catch up".

Sign up to your medal today on Row the Distance and then head back to Inside Indoor to get signed up to this years ROW31 if you haven't already and start receiving your daily workouts.

All medals will be sent out to you to celebrate the completion of ROW31 after the final LIVE workout on the 31/01/2024. Good luck!

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