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New home for the Cross Team Challenge

The hugely popular Cross Team Challenge has a new home.

 Inside Indoor is proud to be the new host of the CTC, the worldwide monthly indoor rowing challenge. For nearly 20 years, the CTC has been a pillar of the indoor rowing community and the transition to Inside Indoor secures it's longevity for years to come. 

The CTC is free to enter for anyone with a Concept 2 rowing machine. A new challenge is unveiled at the start of each month and you can complete the challenge as many times as you want to, the system will accept your fastest score.

Casey Clarke, Team Manager of Sub 7 Indoor Rowing Club, said: "Sub 7  are excited about the CTC having a brand new home on the Inside Indoor page.

"The CTC has been going strong for 18 years, and this will ensure it continues long into the future. We look forward to our members continuing to participate in this competition and it going from strength to strength on the new site."

At the heart of the CTC are the teams. There are 30 existing team you can join or why not create your own team!

Each team can enter as many boats into the CTC each month as they would like.

Once you are logged in to Inside Indoor you will be able to access the CTC.

The first time you enter a time you will need to select your category and your tea. DOn't worry if you don't have a team you can race as an 'Independent' and your time will only show up in the individual rankings, giving you a great monthly comparison.

You will then enter your score which will automatically be entered into the leaderboards. 

How are the 'boats' decided?

Each boat seats 5 rowers. The seats can only be occupied by certain categories of rower, as follows:

Seats 1, 2 and 3 are OPEN. Anyone may occupy these seats.
Seat 4 is for LIGHTWEIGHTS. Any lightweight, male or female, may occupy this seat.
Seat 5 is for FEMALES. Any female, lightweight or heavyweight, may occupy this seat.

Boats are filled on the basis of fastest qualifying occupant. 

If you have a question or enquiry, please email insideindoor@britishrowing.org

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